Venom Tall Barrel Bushings 93a

Far and away the most popular racing bushings in the world, Venom’s High Performance Formula balances rebound and dampening for the ideal combination of turn-ability and stability at speed. From flat-ground to downhill racing, the High Performance Formula works well for every longboard discipline.The Downhill pack is built for speed. Two barrel bushings provide a more stable centre-point for stability at high velocity without compromising your ability to turn. Provided in a simple blister pack. Made in the USA. Available ina massive range of duros/colours.


Height: ~18.95mm
Outer Diameter: ~24.90mm
Inner Diameter: ~9.15mm

Blue 78a (Softest)
Orange 81a (Softer)
Yellow 85a (Soft)
Purple 87a (Medium Soft)
Red 90a (Medium)
Green 93a (Hard)
Glow in the Dark 95a (Medium Hard)
Pink 97a (Hardest)

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