Rayne Demonseed Wave Camo 36″


The Demonseed is a pushing, freeride, sliding machine!!!For more than a decade the Demonseed has been revered by downhillers and long-distance pushers for good reason.This board was made to longboarding feel easy and look good.

It’s double-drop through mounting (drop deck + drop through truck mounting) has a .75” linear drop that drastically lowers the standing platform of the board. This low platform makes pushing a breeze, makes the whole longboard ultra stable at any speed and really helps initiate slides.

The Demonseed has a 3 stage rocker and  DEEP TUB Concave.The 3 stage rocker makes rotations and slides easier through ergonomics while adding pockets for your feet to grip in slides. The concave has a wide flat center and aggressive cups for your toes and heels. This is the perfect concave for a double-drop deck and will keep your feet in place when sliding and cornering the board. The flat center is really comfortable for pushing the board.

If you want a board for transportation – this board has been pushed across entire countries.

If you want a board to help improve your slides or freeriding – the Demonseed will give you the confidence to bust out rotations and blast slides at faster speeds than you thought possible!

In comparison with other Rayne decks, riders who want to carve harder, have a lighter deck or  with more grip, check out the Vendetta as well.


Sharp Edges – Final touch for locked in feet
Vert-Lam Bamboo Core – Stronger than steel, light like a feather.
Pre-tensioned fibreglass – Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return.
Twin Shape – Freedom to choose any path or direction.
Sublimated Artwork – Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
Linear Drop Platform – 0.75 drop keeps your feet locked into place. Ideal for freeriding.
Deep Tub Concave – Designed to cup the toes and heels for quick, precise turns.
Universal Drop Thru Mounting – Lowers your board for easy pushing and extra stability.
Rocker – Pre-loads your legs for easier tucking and turning.
Bee Orange Finish – Enhances and tones the natural wood grain while protecting with an excellent wax barrier that repels water. The citrus-based polish is completely free of harmful chemicals and is an environmentally sustainable product.


Length: 91.5 cm / 36”
Width: 24.8 cm / 9.76”
Construction: Bamboo & fiberglass.
Griptape Included: No.

How to pick the right size Demonseed:

To pick the right size Demonseed you need two measurements: the width of your stance, and the size of the Demonseed standing platform. The standing platform is the area of the board where you can safely put your feet.

To measure your stance:

-Place your feet shoulder distance apart on the floor and measure from the outside of one foot to the outside of the other foot.

Standing Platform for the Demonseed 36 is 22.5”, Demonseed 39 is 25.5 and Demonseed 42 has a 28.8” standing platform.

If you plan to use this longboard primarily for pushing & getting around town, pick a demonseed with a standing platform that will contain your stance.

If you plan to use the Demonseed for slides and freeriding then add 3-5” to the width of your stance measurement and pick a Demonseed that will contain this larger “power stance”.

Special Notes when picking a size:

You might also choose a bigger or smaller deck based on skill. If you want more slide – size up . If you want a bit more grip or less weight – size down.

Rule of thumb for sizing:

If you don’t have a tape measure or are buying a gift for someone else, the Demonseed 36 will fit riders up to 5’8” the Demonseed 39 will best fit riders from 5’8” to 6’0” tall and Riders over 6’0” should check out the Demonseed 42.

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