Rayne Vandal V3 100 Demons


Rayne Vandal V3 100 Demons

The Rayne Vandal V3 is the all new and updated Vandal, which is one of Rayne’s most popular topmount boards. This deck is perfect for getting max grip on the race track, or while you’re out freeriding with the homies. Rayne is famous for their super strong and nearly invincible bamboo construction.


Everything you love about the vandal is back, but it’s chopped into a new shape and sexier than ever. A go to simple top mount, the Vandal can handle everything from top speed DH runs, to technical freeriding, and everything in between. New art by @lolo_ys.

Ilgis: 90.8 cm
Plotis: 25.4 cm
Konstrukcija: bambukas ir stiklo pluoštas

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