Seismic Lokton Honeycomb Griptape sheets – 11″ X 11″ (3 pack)


Kogero rimčiausias griptape’as rinkoje. Skirtas tiems, kurie nori, kad kojos ant lentos laikytųsi it prikaltos.

Trys 11″x 11″ (27.94 cm x 27.94 cm) lapai

*Neatlaidus klaidoms klijuojant ant lentos. Rekomenduojame sekti visomis gamintojo rekomendacijomis siekant geriausio efekto.

Available in two lasercut hole patterns, as well as Solid for maximum surface coverage. Honeycomb and Metal-Plate hole patterns decrease weight by up to 40%, while hole edges increase grip.

Noticeably sharper, tougher, and grippier. Grit stays ultra-sharp, doesn’t flake off. No smearing or peeling, even in heat or rain. The best grip in the history of grip. Lock in with Lokton™!

28×28 cm

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