Hammond Pintail 43″ Carving Series


Hammond City Surfer 43 Longboard is a great board for pumping, carving, city cruising and skating all kinds of slopes. 43 inches length turn this board into a surf emulation machine, without sacrificing in the needed stability for any rider.

Like all Hammond Carving Series models, it has three different positions for each truck. This means that every rider can personalize the turning capacity of the longboard:

When you place the trucks in the outer position you get more stability. Placing the trucks in the inner holes you get more free style possibilities. In the middle position the board has an average performance between surf style turn, tricks and stability.

This board has both space for your feet and turning power, which is achieved by a standard measure wheel base, combined with Hammond Carving Trucks.

Hammond City Surfer 43 is made of seven plys of Canadian maple and it has an asymmetric classic pintail shape. It features a nice intermediate flex, a soft and comfortable concave and a slight camber. Without any doubt, is one of the best options for those riders who want to enjoy snowboarding and surfing in pavement.


Ašys: Hammond Carving Trucks

Ratukai: Hammond Carving Series 80a 70mm

Guoliai: Abec 9 608zz

Lenta: 7 sluoksniai Kanadietiško klevo

Ilgis: 43″ / 109.22 cm

Plotis: 9″ / 22.9 cm


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