Mindless Raider V 34″ Teal


The ever-popular Mindless Raider is in its fifth version. The top and bottom distressed graphics make the Raider V a visually unique board while the rustic look with the sand spray grip on top makes it really stand out from the norm! The updated construction retains the familiar flexy characteristics that the Raider is known and loved for, now with the added functionality of sporting 5.5” RK trucks too. The Raider demands attention ‘on screen’ and off the shelf.

Ilgis: 86.35cm / 34 inches
Plotis: 20.3cm / 8 inches
Ratų bazė: 60.5cm / 23.8 inches
Konstrukcija: 1ply Maple, Fibre support socks, 2ply Maple, 1ply Bamboo, 2ply Maple, Sand Spray Grip
Ašys: 5.5” RK trucks with tumble finish
Bushingai: 85a Bushings SHR
Ratukai: Mindless Team 70mm 80a SHR
Guoliai: ABEC-5 Chrome Bearings
Max svoris: 90kg

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