Moonshine Hoedown Medium


The Hoedown is Moonshine’s dedicated dancing board, designed and shaped for ultimate stability and cruise control. In addition to our bomber two-ply vertically laminated core, the Hoedown is inlayed with two fiberglass stringers lengthwise along its midsection to give the board consistent flex, torsional stability and strength under foot – important factors for a board of its length – without the extra bulk and weight that many dancing boards suffer from. Simply put, for a board of its size (measuring 48” x 9.5”), the Hoedown is thinner, lighter and stronger than any other board on the market.

Soft flex recommended for riders under 180 lbs (41–82 kg).
Firm flex recommended for riders between 150-220+ lbs. (68–120+ kg)

Ilgis: 122 cm
Plotis: 25 cm
Ašys: Arsenal Cast 180mm
Ratukai: White Lightning Slip 60mm 82A
Guoliai: Abec 7

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