Prism Skipper Cruiser Skateboard 27″ – Fauna


Set sail and float through the concrete waves with the Skipper Cruiser board by Prism Steer your way safely to port with the Skipper Cruiser Board under your feet. The nifty little size makes for a handy travel partner – And should you happen to come across a ditch or a pump-track you are swiftly ready to hit it. Versatile and with some nice hardware

  • Pre-gripped with a nice and sticky clear griptape
  • Comes with Caliber trucks, Prism Wheels, and Blood Orange bushings and bearings

Specifikacijos: Ilgis: 27″ (68.6cm) Plotis: 7.75″ (19.7cm) Ratų bazė: 14.75″ (37.5cm) Konstrukcija: 6 klevo sluoksniai, 1 bambuko sluoksnis Komplektacija: Ašys: 8.5″ Caliber Standard Ratai: 62mm/78A Prism Wheels Guoliai: Blood Orange Bearings

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