Free Wheels Quincys 65mm Wheels



Looking for something fun and resilient but won’t break the bank? The Free Quincy’s are just what your looking for!

Coming in at 65mm tall, 44mm wide, and a 29mm contact patch, Free Quincy’s are poured in the new 79a Platinum urethane for huge slides with almost no effort. They’re also so slow wearing that they don’t really even leave thane lines (very minimal lines). Instead of digging into the pavement, these puppies just float on top, giving you the ability to do bigger standup slides than you’d ever thought possible…


NEW from Free Wheel Co. are the Quincy. Free Quincy are wheels that are poured in our new 79a PLATINUM Formula. The Platinum Formula is known for long slides, minimal resistance, and slow wear. This wheel doesn’t dump thane like some of the others, but it lasts longer than any wheel we have developed to date.
The Quincy is 65mm tall and is the little brother to the Thoughts. Coming stone-ground with a center-set bearing seat gives this wheel amazing slide qualities, and amazing effortless slides. Topmounts and boards with less wheel clearance will love the Quincy because all of the performance is packed into a smaller size, which will allow you to tune into your setup!

Style: Freeride
Diameter: 65mm
Contact Patch: 44mm
Durometer: 79a
Bearing placement: Center-set
Surface: Stone Ground

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