Remember Peewee 62mm 80a


Remember Peewee 62mm yra vieni slidžiausių ratų rinkoje, turintys daugybę puikių longboarderių atsliepimų. Idealiai tinka freeride’ui ir dar tik besimokinantiems slide’inti. Superiniai ratai, turintys patrauklią kainą ir akį traukiančias spalvas.

The Pee Wee is a 62 mm center set wheel with a 38mm contact patch. Our high rebound formula mixed with the round lip of this wheel makes the Pee Wee a slide monster. If you want a predictable slide and free ride wheel that will wear exactly how it should, these are the wheels that will never dissapoint. The Pee Wees come in three killer color combinations that look so good you’ll want to eat them. (But don’t eat them. That would not be good for you and we don’t recommend it.)

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