Kick scooter Raven Progress Adept Series 100mm



Y-Shape – the most mechanically strong shape in the entire series of Ravena scooters.

Providing excellent grip of rubber grips from the highest series Ultra Grip Series

Thickness of walls: 3.5mm

Pipe diameter: 32.5mm

Height of the steering wheel from the ground: 92.0 centimeters.

Height of the steering wheel from the platform: 85.0 centimeters. The

width of the steering wheel: 52.3 cm; handle length: 12.3cm

Matte lacquer

Fastening the steering wheel to 3 bolts


Bearings Abec-9 Carbon

Ultra High-Performance Aluminum HS7000 Core – rims made of the lightest and most durable aluminum used in the production of wheel cores scooter Evolution Series

High-end wheels series High Rebound PUC

Dimensions: 100mm in diameter, 24mm wide


Ultra High-Performance Aluminum HS9000 – ultra light and ultra resistant aluminum also used in the aerospace industry

waist platform

dimensions of the platform (usable): 35,0cm x 11,0cm

dimensions of the platform (total): 50,3cm x 11,0cm

platform height: 7,0cm

opening: 4,0cm

Anti-slip lining platform

Brake :

High-Performance Carbon Steel – providing high hardness and excellent heat dissipation of carbon steel

Other parameters:

Maximum permissible weight: 100 kg

Scooter weights: 3.76kg

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