Powerslide PRO Men Tri-Pack apsaugų komplektas

Powerslide Pro Men Protective Gear Set – High-quality protective gear set for action sports. Comfortable and high protective knee pads, elbow pads, and wristguards.

Stay safe while you enjoy your favorite action sport in the POWERSLIDE Pro Men set of protective gear. Whether you’re a beginner looking for reliable protection so you can build confidence, or a seasoned veteran keeping yourself safe during intense skate sessions this is the ideal set of protective gear. A good set of protective gear has to be comfortable and stay in place. That’s no problem for the POWERSLIDE Pro Men set. The knee pads and elbow pads are pre-shaped, incorporate a mix of EVA foams with different densities, and have large outer caps to protect you from falls, slides, and abrasions. They even include an aero mesh material, making them nice and light without compromising protection. The pads come complete with a cotton sock sleeve and elastic velcro straps to keep your pads in the perfect position. The POWERSLIDE Pro Men set of protective gear also comes with durable, lightweight wristguards with an open-back construction that is light, breathable, and ready to protect you from falls and impacts while you’re inline skating, skateboarding, scooter riding, or taking part in virtually any action sport. This set of protective gear passed the EN 14120 European safety standard test.

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