Powerslide Standard Women apsaugų komplektas

Powerslide Standard Women Set – Full set of protective gear for inline skating and action sports. Reliable knee pads, elbow pads, and wristguards.

The POWERSLIDE Standard Women set is the ideal set of protective gear for inline skating and other action sports. Comfortable, protective, lightweight, and at a great price – this set has it all. Falling forward is fairly common for skaters and that’s why this full-set of protective gear features lightweight and durable wristguards to prevent wrist injuries. The lightweight wristguards feature wide and durable splints for maximum wrist protection. The POWERSLIDE Standard Women set gives you everything you need to stay safe and have confidence while you’re inline skating or enjoying pretty much any action sport including high-quality elbow and knee pads. These anatomically designed pads include shock-absorbing materials and durable, large caps that help distribute impacts and protect you from scrapes and abrasions. For a snug, comfortable fit every time the knee and elbow pads include a cotton sock sleeve and cozy lining. The pads are kept firmly in place by reliable elastic Velcro straps. An excellent set of protective gear for all skills levels, the POWERSLIDE Standard Women set is a great option for inline skaters or anyone who wants a safe, comfortable, and reliable set for virtually any action sport. The Powerslide Standard Men set passes the EN 14120 European safety test.

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