Holesom Scented Slide Pucks

Fast, durable, smellicious, super dense yet lightweight because of the holes. One pucks set includes two slide pucks, die cut hospital grade velcro (better than industrial grade) and a die-cut decal. Holesom Pucks supports Laguna Beach Animal Shelter – Thank You for that : )

The pucks have following scent:

– Bubblegum (Pink)
– Glowsom (White, glow in the dark)
– Cocoa Butter (Brown)
– Bacon/Blueberry Pancake (Purple/Brown)
– Dreamsicle/Keylime Pie (Orange/Green)
– Baby Powder (Blue)
– Blueberry Pancake/Dreamsicle (Blue/Orange)
– Cocoa Butter/Banana (Brown/Yellow)
– Keylime Pie/Frootloops (Neon green/Purple)

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