Omen Airship Bamboo 34.5″


The Airship 34.5″ is built using Omen Longboards’ signature Accelerated Rocker, which creates a dropped feeling near the truck mounts, allowing the feet to recognize where they are positioned to appropriately leverage the deck through the progressive radial concave. This will give your feet the features to feel locked in for slides while keeping the ride height as tall as possible to keep the feel and agility of a top-mounted board. The Airship is just as comfortable doing stand up slides as it is going glove down which makes it a perfect pick for anyone focused on high speed control and downhill riding. This board comes in two sizes and we recommend the Airship 34.5″ for anyone with a smaller stance or more compact riding style.

Length: 87.6 cm / 34.5”
Width: 24.1 cm / 9.5”
Wheelbase: 62.2 cm – 67.3 cm / 24.5” – 26.5”.
Construction: Bamboo.
Gripped: No.