Rayne Exorcist 100 Demons


Rayne Exorcist 100 Demons 

The Rayne Exorcist is a wide and short topmount that’s perfect for a smaller „power stance”. If you want more grip from a short wheelbase, but still want the leverage and power of a wider deck this is the one. Rayne is famous for their solid and strong bamboo construction that’s practically invincible.


If you liked the GMack, the Exorcist will slay you. Built with the same ergonomic concave features of the GMack, the Exorcist has been trimmed down to 34” x 9.5” to reduce weight and improve edge feel. We’ve increased the available wheelbase options, making for an even more versatile deck.

The Exorcist is a symmetrical downhill longboard with aggressive concave for high speed freeride and downhill. Within the Rayne lineup, it is one of the stiffest and most “locked in” feeling boards they have.

The symmetrical concave features an ovalized radial drop into a rockered platform that features two unique Pleasure Domes, with no W-concave in the centre of the board for easy pushing.

Wheelbases range from 24.25? – 26.25? the exorcist offers the nimble ride desired for lower speed freeriding with the option of moving your trucks out to the widest wheelbase for a speed ready downhill and freeride machine. They have placed the wheelbase mounting holes in the perfect location to allow riders to get their feet nested right over their wheels, maximizing control. With their Fatbottom construction, the Exorcist has awesome wheel clearance.

Ilgis: 86.4 cm
Plotis: 24.1 cm
Atstumas tarp ašių: 61.6cm – 66.7 cm