Seismic Echelon 37″


A downhill freeride machine! The very wide shape throughout the whole length, with no wheel cutouts and very little taper, mellow elliptical concave, and full-length rocker combine to make the Echelon comfy as a couch! Zero-degree flush-mounts keep your truck angles right where you want ’em and lower the setup for more controlled sliding. The 45/45 orientation of the carbon bottom creates extra torsional stiffness for better grip and slide control while cornering at high speed.


Length: 94 cm / 37”
Width: 25.1 cm / 9.875”
Wheelbase: 66 cm – 71.1 cm / 26” – 28”.
Construction: Maple, oak, fiberglass, and carbon.
Gripped: No

Rocker with 0.58″ (1.47 cm) elliptical concave • Wheel wells • Zero-degree flush mounts
Wheelbase options 26″ (66 cm), 27″ (68.6 cm), and 28″ (71.1 cm)
Graphic on bottom, laser-etching on top • Not pre-gripped
Weight 5.14 lbs. (2.33 kg)