DB Longboards Freeride DTX 38″


An upgraded version of the ever-popular Freeride DT, the DTX takes the best elements of the original and goes one step further. Still sporting its signature double drop design and comfortable foot pockets for big slides, this version of the Freeride incorporates fiberglass construction in addition to hard rock maple. The extra stiffness means this deck extremely responsive and makes it a solid choice for fast freeride or downhill sessions. If you’re looking to step up your riding game the Freeride DTX is here to help.

Ilgis: 96.5 cm
Plotis: 24.4cm
Konstrukcija: Tuopa/stiklo pluoštas
Ašys: Atlas 48 Degree RKP Black
Ratukai: Cloudride Cruiser 69mm 79a
Guoliai: Abec 7

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