DB Longboards Galaxy 36″


With its fun and functional shape, the Galaxy is sure to become a quick favorite in your collection. Mild rocker, subtle W concave, wheel cutouts and drop-through mounting all combine to offer a deck that’s stable, comfortable and avoids wheelbite. At only 36” in length the Galaxy is extremely responsive with a tight turning radius. The mild flex naturally absorbs road noise and keeps pushing enjoyable. Carving and cruising has never been as easy or satisfying!

Ilgis: 91.4 cm
Plotis: 23.5 cmcm
Atstumas tarp ašių: 63.5 cm
Konstrukcija: Klevas.
Ašys: Atlas 48 RKP
Ratukai: Cloudride 65mm Marbled Cruisers
Guoliai: Cloudride Abec 7