Hammond Free Ride Star 39″


The Hammond Free Ride Star is an entry level longboard that has some higher level features. The Free Ride Star offers a small nose and tail for freestyle tricks, a bit of flex, and drop-thru mounting to make it easier to ride. It’s a great place to start your way in longboards and the deck will be perfect for carving, commuting, or cruising.

The center of the deck width is 8 & 1/2 inches in order to make the deck lighter. Concave is soft, but keeps on going all the way through the 10 inches width in feet space so grip is guaranteed in any situation. Hammond Free Ride Star longboard is designed for free style and free ride and it has the needed stiffness and resistance to suit any rider´s weight. It´s 39 inches long and 10 inches wide, more than enough in order to provide maximum grip and control when sliding.

Lenta: 9 klevo sluoksniai

Ašys: Fifty trucks

Ratukai: Surf Highway Custom 70 mm , 84A

Guoliai: Abec-5

Ilgis: 99.1 cm / 39″

Plotis: 25.4 – 21.6 cm


*Ratų spalva gali skirtis nuo vaizduojamos nuotraukose