Madrid Trance Logs 39″


The Trance is a symmetrical, drop-through board from Madrid Skateboards. As such, it allows riders to attack tricks in standard and switch stances, as well as keeping the overall design flexible and versatile. The drop-through truck set-up increases rider stability and the Paris 180mm RKP trucks ensure the board is simultaneously agile and stable. Quality components mounted on a maple deck ensure the Trance works as a fast-paced commuter board as well as trick-orientated cruising and entry-level downhill riding.

Ilgis: 99 cm / 39”
Plotis: 24.4 cm / 9.6”
Atstumas tarp ašių: 72 cm / 28.38”
Konstrukcija: 8 sluoksnių klevas
Ašys: Paris 180mm 50°
Ratukai: Madrid Smoothride 70mm 78a
Guoliai: Abec 7