Prism Nail Cruiser Skateboard 32″ – Liam Ashurst


The Prism Nail is your multitool to tackle the skatepark and urban obstacles. If you are looking for a trick-oriented cruiser that is able to skate in bowls and pools as well, then you will definitely enjoy this one. This Prism skateboard comes with carefully selected high-quality components and is probably the best you can get when going for a complete. Being already fully assembled with all the right parts, this complete board is pretty much ready to ride right out of the box.

  • Soft wheels in 78A for a comfortable ride especially suited for cruising and filming
  • Choose the 8.5″ wide deck if you want stability or plenty of surface to catch the board when doing aerial tricks

The Nail from Prism features artwork by Liam Ashurst who has a distinctive old school inspired style.

32″ (81.3cm)
Plotis: 8.5″ (21.6cm)
Ratų bazė: 14.5″ (36.8cm)
Konstrukcija: 7 klevo sluoksniai

Ašys: 8.5″ Caliber Standard
Ratai: 62mm/78A Prism Wheels
Guoliai: Blood Orange Bearings

Liko tik 2. Pristatymas Lietuvoje 1-2 d.d.