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Seismic Speed Vents DefCon 73mm Wheels

Choose Defcon formula for explosive speed and rebound with smooth, predictable grip-to-slip. Please note this is a high performance formule, it is less durable than the BlackOps (if you don’t need the maximum performance and want a more durable wheel, please go for the BlackOps formula.

The 73mm by 54mm Seismic Speed Vent is molded around our proprietary weight-saving Energy Conversion (EC) hub – arguably the most advanced hub on the market. The 73mm diameter gives it the roll speed of a larger wheel, while the weight-saving hub adds the quickness and agility of a smaller wheel, as well as enhanced rebound.

Combined with lips designed for pure grip, the Speed Vent is utterly unique among high-end wheels. Breakthrough performance for DH, GS, and beyond.

€ 79.95
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77a, 78.5a, 81.5a

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