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SharkWheels 60mm California Roll Wheels

SharkWheels California Roll 60mm Wheels

These 60mm – 78a – Skateboard Wheels are great for cruising and for smaller or mini-longboards. Our wheels have a much smoother riding experience and also, are much quieter than most of the skateboard wheels on the market. Feedback from our riders have proven that these wheels are amazing over uneven surfaces, such as, cobblestones (glide right over), dirt, grass, water, and any other rugged terrain. If you are looking for a faster wheel or something more suited for a longboard skateboard please take a look at our 70mm Makos and 70 mm Sidewinders skateboard wheels. These are new skateboard wheels for 2016 and we have never had to return a set due to bad performance. You can also view a video of the wheels in action by clicking the bottom right corner of the skateboard wheel image.

Durometer: 78a

€ 69.95
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