Omen Grim Bamboo 36”


The Grim is our answer to the modern topmount, while packing in the features that you would expect from an Omen deck. First off we give the board an 1/8″ of Triplane Accelerated Rocker to hold onto the feet and allow the wheel flares to form organically to lock you into the standing platform and provide the maximum amount of wheel clearance possible. The radial concave is flat under foot and progressively gets steeper towards the edges, and transitions into a usable rear ‘w’ concave to keep your back foot in check during rapid drifts and flicks. Overall, the Grim is a top notch choice for any rider looking to have pinpoint control over their trajectory while utilizing the maximum amount of grip from the wheels in a downhill situation.


Length: 91.4 cm / 36”
Width: 24.1 cm / 9.5”
Wheelbase: 62.2 cm – 67.3 cm / 24.5” – 26.5”.
Construction: Bamboo.
Gripped: No.

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