Ocean Pacific Swell Cruiser Skateboard 31″ – Teal


The Ocean Pacific is a handy cruiser board with style. If you’re looking for a trick-oriented cruiser that will also allow you to skate in bowls and pools, then this one is sure to please. This Ocean Pacific cruiser is a slightly better setup with an average price that pays off in the quest for skills. With the purchase of a complete board you get a lot of value for your money. This way you don’t have to assemble the board yourself!

  • Wheels with an average size of 61 or 62mm are very versatile and suitable for all riding styles

Deck material: Chinese maple, 7-ply Deck length: 31 “(79cm) Deck width: 8.25 “(21cm) Wheel diameter: 62mm Concave: Small Wheel hardness: 83A Lower precision: ABEC-7 Truck rubber: 90A, SHR

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