Rayne Darkside V3 Skull 34″



The Darkside has loads of concave features but is miraculously easy to ride and very natural feeling. Instead of being confined by the features, on the right sized Darkside you will feel like they match your positioning and allow you to spend more time thinking about the road ahead rather than what’s under your feet.

The main features of the deck that hold your feed in place are the radial drops, medium concave and center concave flare of the 3 stage concave. These three edges allow you to put your foot in almost any position while benefiting from supreme grip.

The 3 stage rocker adds a gentle ergonomic benefit, making a tuck more comfortable while placing your body in the right position stance for powerful controlled slides. The second benefit of the the upturned center concave is that it adds tremendous stiffness to the board, allowing us to keep the construction extra light weight.

The kicktail and wheelbase options on the Darkside have been designed to maximize your pop on the board for any truck available on the market. Because truck designs vary widely in offset, rake, height and angle be sure to try out all of the mounting options available to see what feels best with your setup!

Materials and Construction

The Darkside has a super lightweight, durable and stiff construction. We sandwich three layers of Vertically Laminated Bamboo between two layers of Triaxial Fiberglass which is then finally protected by an outer casing of snowboard topsheet. All of the layers are glued together using waterproof epoxy resin. The outer snowboard topsheet has an extra-durable sublimated graphic tattooed directly into the material itself!

Almost all wheelwells available on other boards are machined or sanded into the board, reducing the strength and durability of the board. The Darkside wheelwells are laminated directly into the board during the pressing process and are reinforced with fiberglass, increasing overall durability and power transfer to your trucks.

How to pick the right size Darkside

To pick the right size Darkside you need compare the width of your stance to the wheelbase of the Darkside 34, 36 or 38.

To measure your stance: -Place your feet shoulder distance apart on the floor and measure from the outside of one foot to the outside of the other foot. -add 3-5” to the width of your stance measurement. This is what we call your “power stance”. Most riders use this slightly larger stance when sliding and hard cornering.

Pick a Darkside that has a wheelbase that is about the same size as your Power Stance.

Special Notes when picking a size: You might also choose a bigger or smaller deck based on skill. If you want more slide or have a wide stance – size up . If you want a bit more grip or less weight – size down.

Rule of thumb for sizing: If you don’t have a tape measure or are buying a gift for someone else, the Darkside 36 will fit riders from 5’6” to 6’0” tall. Riders shorter than 5’6” should consider the Darkside 34 and Riders taller than 6’0” should consider the Darkside 38.

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