Mindless Sanke III 39″ Orange


The Mindless Sanké III is the perfect drop through board for beginner and intermediate riders alike. The low centre of gravity gives you greater stability as you ride, making the Sanké an ideal board for anyone who wants to cruise around town or even try their hand at small hills. With the second symmetrical mandala graphic in the series, this board looks great from all angles, online or on the shop floor.

Ilgis: 99.06cm / 39 inches
Plotis: 24.13cm / 9.5 inches
Ratų bazė: 76.2cm / 30 inches
Konstrukcija: 8 sluoksnių klevas
Ašys: 7” RK Trucks
Bushingai: 78a
Ratukai: PU Cast 70mm 80A wheels
Guoliai: ABEC-5 Chrome Bearings
Max svoris: 90kg