DB Longboards 38″ Cabrakan


The Cabrakan is a one-of-a-kind creation that gives off a well-deserved aura of awesomeness. A topsheet of authentic walnut veneer beautifully elevates this decks construction while the reflective base graphic makes it a truly awe inspiring board. Drop through truck mounting and a functional twin-tip shape will equip you to tackle mountains and valleys alike. There is one board to rise above the rest – the almighty Cabrakan..

Ilgis: 96.5 cm
Plotis: 22.6 cm
Konstrukcija: Hard Rock Maple core sandwhiched between two beautiful walnut faces. This layup is strong, durable, and offers perfect dampend flex for carving and cruising.
Ašys: Atlas 48 RKP Black
Ratukai: Cloudride Cruiser 69mm 79a
Guoliai: Cloudride Abec 7