DB Longboards 40″ Pioneer Fibreglass


Artfully crafted for those who live to explore and skate new epic spots, the Pioneer will get you where you need to go. This deck features a bamboo-fiberglass layup that provides a perfect flex for comfortable pushing and snappy, responsive carving. It’s bi-directional shape means you can push any way you want with no restrictions while the drop-through truck mounts keep you low to the earth and stable over any terrain. Itching for an adventure? Blaze your own trail with the Pioneer!

Ilgis: 101.6 cm
Plotis: 23.5 cm
Konstrukcija: Constructed of bamboo and fiberglass this board has long lasting springy flex. Started with a vertically laminated core (same technology as your snowboard) and wrapped in fiberglass. And surrounded the fiberglass with additional bamboo veneer.
Ašys: Atlas 48 RKP Black
Ratukai: Cloudride Cruiser 69mm 79a
Guoliai: Cloudride Abec 7