DB Longboards Lunch Tray 36 „Cartoon”


The Lunch Tray is the perfect board for both freeriding and downhill skateboarding. The board’s unique symmetrical design features flared wheel wells that give the rider more wheel clearance than ever thought possible. The front and rear flares also provide perfect pockets (in front of and directly over the bolts) for locking in and great leverage points for both heelside and toeside slides. This board features 1″ of continuous rocker and .69″ of continuous concave. With your foot bumped up against the flares your feet will stick to this board like peanut butter on toast. Although the kicktails appear flat, the 1″ rocker gives them additional leverage while maintaining a close relationship to the ground for „ollieability” with reverse kingpin trucks. Did DB mention this board is flush mounted so your trucks will ride with their true geometry? What could be better? OH YEAH it’s made by DB in the USA.Ilgis: 91.4 cm

Plotis: 24.1 cm
Konstrukcija: Klevas
Ašys: Atlas 48 RKP
Ratukai: Cloudride 70mm 80a
Guoliai: Cloudride Abec 7