Madrid Trance Leopboard 39″


Although the Trance DT is part of the Madrid ‘Core’ Range. When you look at the quality of the components, quality and ride-ability it really stands it’s ground In the longboard market. The Trance in this case has been put together as a ‘drop-through’ set-up Making it particularly stable. By providing a much lower center of gravity and a more stable platform for the rider, this makes it safer to fly downhill and far more comfortable to kick any amount of distance. The trance is a board that can cover serious distance and a lot of fun to push along, either in the city, flat land or intermediate downhill/freeride scenarios.

Ilgis: 99 cm / 39”
Plotis: 24.4 cm / 9.6”
Atstumas tarp ašių: 72 cm / 28.38”
Konstrukcija: 8 sluoksnių klevas
Ašys: Madrid 180mm RKP Trucks
Ratukai: Madrid Smoothride 70mm 80a
Guoliai: Abec 5

Liko tik 1. Pristatymas Lietuvoje 1-2 d.d.