Madrid Weezer Core Photo 36″


With a touch of camber, mild radial concave, and symmetrical shape, the Weezer will get you where you need to go, knowing you have a quality cruiser to crush whatever comes your way. The Weezer board is a fun full-size cruiser that offers tight turns and a locked-in ride – this set-up is a fantastic board for kicking about and tearing it up! As with most of the Core range from Madrid, this board is ideal for entry-level free-riding and an ideal starting point for upgrades further down the road.

Ilgis: 91.4 cm / 36”
Plotis: 22.8 cm / 9”
Atstumas tarp ašių: 72 cm / 28.38”
Konstrukcija: 7 sluoksnių klevas
Ašys: 180mm Reverse Kingpin
Ratukai: Madrid Smoothride 70mm 80a
Guoliai: Abec 5